【Golden Lotus Healing Spa】Korean style Sauna

As a Japanese, taking a bath is a traditional custom, and this is something I really miss from living in my home country.
So to fulfill my craving for taking a bath, I luckily found a suitable replacement where I found it is worth introducing. The name is 【Golden Lotus Healing Spa】.

“Jjimjilbang” is a public bathhouse which got quite popular recently in Korea, where you will experience a whole wellness activity.

Golden Lotus Healing Spa is “Jjimjilbang” in Saigon where you can enjoy many kinds of saunas and baths like the one in Korea.

This place is more like a place where people get together and unwind and get relaxed. When I went there, I found a wide range of people of all ages, such as families, couples, and friends.
But I usually go there by myself to relax and detox myself physically and mentally. So if you are thinking to go there by yourself, I indeed encourage you to go even if you have never been because this place is worth visiting!

About this place

【Golden Lotus Healing Spa】is in the back of the narrow alley (Hem) in district 3, and it consists of the following facilities.

1, Public Baths(gender-separated)
– Pool,
– steam bath
– Jagxi pool,
– hot sauna

2, Massages (Mix-gendered)

3, Korean Sauna(Jiim Jil Bang) (Mix-gendered)
– Dry Sauna,
– Cool Sauna
– Japanese Hinoki Sauna
and so much more…

4, Restaurants

Business Hour

Jiim Jil Bang: 08:00 – 23:00
Bath: 08:00 ~ 22:00

Happy Hour

08:00 ~ 12:00(Monday ~ Friday)
18:00 ~ 23:00 (Everyday)
20% discount on all menus.


* Bath Towels and Sauna Gaun will be provided.
* If you are the first timer to this kind of place, please note that you have to take your clothes off to take a public bath.
* You can wear Sauna Gaun when you go to Jiim Jil Bang(Sauna) area.


Korean Style Spa (Access to all facilities)

335,000 VND

Sauna Set (Access to only gender-separated bath)

240,000 VND
※It does not include Jiim Jil Bang

※All price includes Tips.

Attraction 1: You can take a bath.

I know it does not attract all people, But you have to understand that it is so hard to find a room equipped with a bathtub.
And taking a bath is so refreshing and healthy for your body to boost your blood circulation.

Attraction 2: Price is reasonable (Especially for Happy Hour)

Price is reasonably set considering the facilities that you can enjoy.
If you go during happy hour, you can enjoy it at a discounted price.

Attraction 3: Recommended for families

There are a lot of facilities where kids can enjoy as well such as theater room, karaoke room, game center.
So this is an excellent place to get relaxed with your family members.

Attraction 4: Massage is excellent at Le Than Tong spa.

There is another branch recommended to go if you want to get a good massage. Price is reasonable and quite popular with Japanese experts.

15 Thái Văn Lung, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


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