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Things I never get used to living in Saigon

I am going to share the pros and cons of living in Saigon after I have lived here for a year.
In this article, I am talking about “Cons.” If you want to check out “Pros,” Please check this article.

1, People Cutting in line

I have experienced the same issue in China. People here don’t bother cutting in line.
Especially this happens in a public bathroom or local supermarkets such as “coop mart,” which is a major supermarket chain in Vietnam.

2, Dirty washing room

Public toilets are usually dirty or left a toilet seat soaking wet(due to the aftermath of using mini-shower equipped next to the bathroom).
And often times toilet paper are run out and kept unreplaced. Therefore bringing tissue paper with yourself is a must when you go outside.
I think at least toilets in restaurants need to be maintained well or people should pay more attention to people who use afterward.


If you want to use a washing room when you are outside, try to find hotels or shopping mall. These are relatively clean and maintained.
Bring wet and dried tissues with yourself whenever you go outside so that you can wipe the toilet before you use it.

3, Honkers

Due to the insufficient Infrastructure, Saigon is far away from a pedestrian-friendly city.
But I think a big issue need to be improved is the manners of bikers and car drivers.
Whenever I walk on a pathway, bikers come out of nowhere and honk at me without even bothering me walking down the PATHWAY.

In Vietnam, there is a wholly unique traffic rule that “Turning right is allowed even when the right is red.” Therefore, Whenever I across the street under the green right, bikers pass by in front of me with honking at me, which is quite dangerous and annoying.

On the other hand, In Japan, people rarely honk at people because this is considered to be rude and bad manners. Besides, a pedestrian has the highest priority. Busses and bikes are supposed to be yields to a pedestrian.

Here the situation is totally opposite. Whenever we walk, those honkers treat us like obstacles, that is what I got by getting honked by those careless drivers


  • When you cross a street, find locals who are also trying to cross the street and then follow behind them.
  • Never run or rush when you across the street because drives cannot expect how to avoid you.

4, The air pollution

The first thing you are going to notice when you first visit Saigon is that number of bikers. Bikes are everywhere.

I have once heard from Japanese living here that his nose hair grows faster since they came here. This might be one of the proofs that air is polluted.


  • Wear a mask whenever you go outside.

Inequality of variation of products and the quality of services.

For examples, When I go to a supermarket, highly likely that some products are sold out. Another example is when I go to a restaurant, the taste can be different each time, or half of the menu are sold out. It really annoys me especially I am a very indecisive person. and I always ended up being disappointed when I was told the food is not available after spending so much time on deciding.
(Why don’t they say anything in the first place?)

According to my Vietnamese friend, Vietnamese people don’t usually measure to cook, which is one of the reasons that regular supermarket don’t sell measurement tools and therefore e tastes at a restaurant is not stable.


  • If you want to buy mesurements tools in Saigon, Go to shops where Japanese good are sold.
    You can check out my previous article


I have explained what I feel inconvenience while I am living here.
As you may know, Saigon is one of the fast-growing city. However, I am a little bit concerned about the manners of people. Because this is not something we can correct quickly.

No matter how the development grows, it is hard to say it’s a comfortable city to live in unless people’s manner change.

Saigon got so much potential to grow economically and culturally, and It can become both a comfortable city to live in or the opposite depending on how people would behave.

I am writing this as I am hoping that these things would improve someday and eventually the city would attract many people and result in flourishing the economy.

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